technology expo

mariam sanfaz
Benghazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Benghazi

Idea projektu

Technology exhibition :
is an interactive space for presenting technological developments and modern technologies
It is an area to interact and exchange information, and display exhibits of various sizes and types
It contains a section for the temporary and permanent offer
Goal of project :
Society knows everything that is new in technology
The community is interested in the variety of methods it includes, including samples and pictures
Learn about modern applications and devices that help the community and people with disabilities

Since it is a technology exhibition project
so i take essential line of Electric circuit
and moved with formed of the site

Popis projektu

Site space :25.5 ha
The project area:1 ha

The project is located in the city center of Benghazi, Libya
It overlooks the most important lake in Benghazi called July 23
It is located near residential areas
The city is famous for having seven lakes
Including the lake, which overlooks the project

Technické informace

Project contents:
permanent expo
Temporary expo

Inserting the natural lake from the exhibition inside the building
To view Lake technology,The central part is the main attraction of the exhibition
Divide premiere levels up high 4m
The second high 8m
Using Ramp
Provided by an external water show, part of the building (Design for all) ,
use Dome of glass, to inside natural light in to exhibition.


Mohaned zohde

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