Marine biology center

amany fathi alsedawi
Benghazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Benghazi

Idea projektu

The project idea was inspired by the nature of aqueous life, firstly by its representation of the curved organic form, and secondly by its functional nature, by its representation of the curved movement.

Popis projektu

A marine biology center, which is an exhibition to display all the aquatic neighborhoods, and it feeds visitors from all cultural and age groups with the necessary information on the world of the seas.
It includes (a section for the exhibition, a center for research and studies, a cultural educational section, and an entertainment section) while providing external activitie.

Technické informace

Use the crustacean structural system to cover voids with wide seas.
Also, the design relies on interior lighting to provide a suitable atmosphere for fish.


Teacher :
Dr.Ali Traboulsi.
Dr.Muhannad Zuhdi.
Heneida Boukrain.
Sharif Al-Naji.

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