Marin Biology Park -Aquarium

Safa Jummah Alwirfili
Benghazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Benghazi

Project idea

It is the design of a specialized entertainment park where the most important element is an exhibition to revive the marine displaying all marine neighborhoods located in the depths of the Mediterranean in Libya as well as some of the complementary activities of the project so that the site is a magnet for all the slides and for some specialists as well as for tourism and the main objective of the project was to design an entertainment park Cultural be expressive of marine and aquatic neighborhoods and create a global tourist attraction point and also the work of creating an architectural aquarium that displays all marine neighborhoods and also feeds visitors from all cultural and age groups with the necessary information on the world of the seas

Project description

The project is considered a cultural entertainment, as it is classified under the criteria for the planning of recreational and exposed areas.
It is the design of a specialized recreational park, where the most important element is an exhibition for the revival of marine life, displaying all marine neighborhoods

Technical information

The basic idea of the project is to prepare a wide range of recreational and cultural events some of which are inside the buildings and some in open spaces and include an aesthetic strategy and visual axis and also enhance the movement of pedestrians have been identified paths and special positions for visitors so that the movement of the service is separated and as the idea was The basic point of the course is to contain the galleries for other spaces and there is an interesting element in the way of the presentation so that the journey was put and the plan is facilitated research there is an interesting element in the way of displaying the exhibits and was chosen 3 types of presentations 1 - wall presentation - medium offers so that the beginning of the series or the journey from the small shows of whales and then the average shows and the latest shows that are part of the depth of the sea and also there is inside the tunnel acrylic and then the journey moves to the cinema to live what is seen during the trip and for the hatred of basins and their size was the basic idea of the water cost has been determined age Specific to fish because there is a direct relationship between the size of water needed by fish by age fish, so names were chosen not more than two months old for the purpose of reducing water inside the basins
The idea of the glass used for the presentations was the glass with the magnifying glass to give the sensation of amplifying the size of the fish despite its small age
Nanocells have been used as hydrochemicals

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