Office Building Design

Uzair Afzal
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

Idea projektu

A project is to design a office building in a context of Karachi,
Pakistan. There are several office building in Karachi but there
is no proper office building in a main university road..Main objective
is to provide a suitable environment for an office to increase there
work strength and be connected with all.

Popis projektu

Task is to design a Ground +8 building in a dense area of
Gulshan-e-iqbal. Ground +8 building not just enhance the
surrounding of university road but also act as an em-phasing
point. Floors of a building are segregated according to the
department. The top floor is just in control of executive officer.

The concept is drive from the site. the site is a pure rectangular
in shape. the building block is same elevated but with
punch in and punch out masses in a same cubic or rectangular
shape. different masses provide different view angles, inside of
a building. The building will be owned by a single company,
so the theme is continued from ground plan to the top floor.

Technické informace

The main aim is to achieve a good aesthetics and a sustainable building in order to reduce energy consumption of an office building which is located in a busiest road of Karachi, Pakistan. Parking, security, comfort and magnificent view enhance the building existence in the surrounding context of Karachi.

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