Uzair Afzal
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

Idea projektu

A project is to design a residential building for a
single house hold unit. The site is located in
Nazimabad in a residential block.The idea of residence
leads a comfortable and relaxing environment in a
boundary of residence. A luxury that aesthetically pleasing
with calm and relaxing environment.

Popis projektu

The concept is to design a contemporary residential house
in posh area of Nazimabad, Karachi. Cubic form with
different kind of cubic and rectangular masses creatives
a harmony in design. The hierarchy of spaces segregates
the public, semi-private and private zone of a house.
large windows provides a amazing view and different kind
if punch masses, create a path for a wind to flow in a whole
house and maintain a comfortable environment inside residence.

Technické informace

The project is for a single owned family. The master plan of the project fulfills all the aesthetics requirement and the pleasing and comfortable internment. A small garden creates a magnificent view from the drawing room. compulsory open space from all the sides improves the indoor air quality and makes a house at a comfortable temperature during hot summer.

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