İstanbul Heritage Culture Center

Mohamed Elshikhi
Istanbul Altınbaş University

Idea projektu

Empowering the World Through Heritage, Culture, and Diversity is very important to our generation. Starting from this point came the Cultural Heritage Centres. This project attempt to interpret the cultural value of the traditional artifacts, and heritage sites, that will be exhibited in this center with a contemporary view, which simulates present and future generations.
The main idea of the project is to create a center that will be a destination for all art, archeology and history lovers in the heart of Istanbul.

Popis projektu

The main purpose of the project is to offer an approach of design inspired by culture, art, and societal behaviors. The center focuses on preparing the community and training it on how to preserve the heritage places in Istanbul.
The center consists of two main blocks, both of them express a specific function (entertainment & training, research). The two blocks linked on the ground floor by an amphitheater and culture street for events and celebrations. The two blocks were linked by a walking bridge on the first floor.

Technické informace

The center located in the region of İstinye next to koç university graduate research center. Also, the project has a creative landscape that used to be a focal point to attract visitors to explore the center.
Glass-reinforced concrete (GRC) cladding panels were used for facade cladding. The design of the GRC cladding panels has been carefully studied to become an effective auxiliary component for gracefully entering the light and not disturbing the users.

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