Arrival (Arctic colonization project)

Valery Karpov
Brest State Technical University

Project idea

The basic concept is life without borders. People living in ordinary conditions and in extreme climates should not feel different. They should receive the same services and have the same functions, have freedom of choice and the ability to fulfill their desires. The basic concept is the creation of an absolutely autonomous habitat capable of living and developing independently.

Project description

The settlement has a radial-ring structure, which makes it possible to achieve equal remoteness of all zones from housing. Residential modules are located on the outside of the settlement, facing nature for the most favorable insolation and to prevent getting into their own shadow. They are connected by a looped transport and pedestrian corridor, in which all communications are also located. The central part is occupied by the recreation zone, which is located under the spatial structure of metal and special panels. The working area is a triangular structure with several levels. The eco-tower is the central part in the composition of the settlement. It includes several functions at once:
solar panels, wind turbines, a research center and greenhouses for growing plants.

Man has always sought to live closer to the surface of the earth. People are not comfortable in spaces with high-rise buildings. Therefore, residential modules have only 2 floors. We also get the opportunity to generateundefined different combinations using different modules.

One residential module accommodates 6-12 people. The public space is divided into 3 zones and is under a spatial structure covered with photoelectric glass. Due to the central part dividing the space, the structure area is reduced, thereby reducing heat loss.

For better insolation of residential modules, it was decided to make panoramic glazing at an angle and reduce the protrusion of the ceiling. This gave a 1.5-fold increase in insolation. The location of the winter garden between the rooms gives an additional increase in insolation.

Technical information

Visualizations of the settlement, residential modules, public spaces; Cross section of a modular settlement; schemes of residential modules, functional zoning, combinations and transportation of modules, insolation and energy efficiency; shaping scheme; territory colonization scheme.

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