Benghazi community center

Rawan saleh fansha
Benghazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Benghazi

Idea projektu

The Idea of the concept is the bridging of different groups of society and convergence at one point , And the age difference of the center visitors which inspires the graduation of the mass

Popis projektu

The project is entertaining , cultural social for all categories of the community, also it provides a space for youth to show their talents through exhibitions and drawing studios , musical rooms and many other activities .

Technické informace

Description of the building and the master plan :
The blocks of the center gathers together in a central point " The permanent exhibition " as a main sign with a spotlight on the exhibits through the sky light , and binding the two suites in the first floor with a bridge which cross the main point , providing a beautiful journey to the visitors .


It is my own project in the fifth design studio, the third year of architecture

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