Sustainability Specialized hospital for gynecology and obstetrics

Areej Ben Amer
Benghazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Benghazi

Idea projektu

Indeedd, the site residing in the city of Benghazi aims to impoverish the natural life for that, and the main reason for designing a sustainable hospital is to take into account the psychological factor of patients that place their fetus or that lose it as the rooms have a view to replenish the air and replace it with fresh clean ai

Popis projektu

Life in Libya, specifically hospitals, there is no correct sterilization, or the concept of the correct standards in this design. The link between the departments, the public entrance, the values ​​of the outpatient clinics, the emergency department, the radiology department and the ease of vertical movement has been taken into account.Sustainability Specialized hospital for gynecology and obstetrics

Technické informace

Architects transform the existing hospital balcony on the while maintaining continuity of care. They design large efficient and scalable technical platforms through the vegetated base that allows recovery of the land and manage the continuities variesthe building raises and draws open on a large gazebo over looking the stores on one side, and the acceptance of others. the architectural plan of the building blossomed, it multiplies the Natural views from most rooms. He set openings, interior patios, natural light sources in the heart of the hospital. In these breakthroughs and bloom on the roof, landscaped roof gardens in the spirit of These are public spaces on the forecourt of the gazebo and reserved for patients on the upper terraces

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