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A Resilient Dune Park in Kudawa, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Dewmini Wickramasinghe
University of Moratuwa (UoM), Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Moratuwa
Srí Lanka

Idea projektu

Coastal erosion is a global issue that threatens human habitation and development. It has far-reaching impacts on environmental, economic, social aspects. Natural factors and human activities combined with climate change will exacerbate the rate of coastal erosion. Almost all of Sri Lanka’s coastlines are vulnerable to coastal erosion. Traditional engineering methods have a variety of adverse effects to the coastal ecosystem. The research aims to explore some resilient strategies and environmentally friendly interventions with an integrated vision to mitigate coastal erosion in Kalpitiya, Kudawa beach.
This study is developed on the basis of Ecological Urbanism, case studies which are relevant to this research and environmentally-friendly techniques are reviewed and advantages among those will be used reasonably. In the proposal, newly-created natural buffer zones along the coastal edge will effectively reduce coastal hazards such as erosion and create a resilient coastline for the future.
The proposed concept can mitigate coastal erosion with no adverse effects to the coastal environment, and also provide social and economic benefits for the Kudawa village community. The proposal will contribute to building a resilient coastal community in Kalpitiya. The research method can be used as an example in other coastal settlements and similar research on coastal issues.

Popis projektu

Kudawa, North western province area in Kalpitiya coastal side can be identified as a site with many potentials, which can be developed and also can be reused for good use. Tourism can be identified as the foremost potential in this beach side and also tourist is attracted by the functions such as Kite surfing, whale watching, scuba diving and also there is a huge live coral reef with a mind-blowing ecosystem. And also, this site can be taken as a place with a variety of ecological biodiversity like coastal ecosystem, wetland ecosystem, lagoon ecosystem and also corals and marine ecosystem. The sand route divides lagoon from the sea like a bridge and as a cumulative point in this site.
Not only the potentials, but also there are issue that has to be taken care of. The issues that has identified are coastal erosion, coastal land degradation (sand route is approximately about 150m – it is degrading to the land side and the lagoon is getting smaller), mangrove destruction in the lagoon and the wetlands because of fishing, ground pollution because of the hotels and the resorts.
So, this will be a site with great potentials and a place with bunch of opportunities that can be taken care of as landscape architects.

Technické informace

Build a resilient community who can face any threats, environmental impacts and economical problems. Provide community and tourists with a contemplative passageway and entrance to the beach. Define sri lanka’s best tourism attracted hidden coastline with recreational Activities.

Implementng this tousrism trail into two different phases.

UDA(Urban Development Authority Sri Lanka) proposal - To construct a bridge connecting Thoreiadi and Dutch bay ( Mahinda Chinthana ) It will provide transport to the kite surfing school and the fishing village.

Phase 1 :
People who come to the Norochcholei (trade town ) doesn’t go to Kalpitiya (tourism town ) as the route is hard. Kudawa is on the way to Kalpitiya from Norochcholai, so it will provide a resting place and recreational area for the tourist who’s destination is Kalpitiya.

Phase 2 :
Uplifting the economical level of the villagers by the gaining from the recreational activities will be introduced.
- vendors huts, boat deck, traditional fishing
- beach front boardwalk

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