Vojtěch Vejvoda
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The concept of the solution is based on the motive of sugar cubes as a reference to the former sugar refinery, which was on this developing site before. This motif applies to both, the courtyard design and the buildings themselves.

Popis projektu

The aim of the proposal was to create an innovative complex of apartment buildings as part of a development project in Prague - Modřany, where co-housing elements and sustainable development principles would be applied, though construction costs would be minimized.

ECONOMY: Small spans of ceiling structures (3.5m), simple construction. Standardized / modular space division. Reduce investment costs through open disposition. Reducing the number of opening windows and their types. Minimization / absence of corridors.

SUSTAINABILITY: The design is a passive standard, using renewable energy (PV panels). Use of greenery in the interior and exterior (green roof). Possibility to change disposition over time according to current resident’s needs. Bikesharing / carsharing, charging docks for electric cars and electric bikes. PV panels.

COMMUNITY: Possibility of sharing loggias between neighboring apartments. Common community space on the first floor and on top of the roof. Solution of the courtyard parterre for leisure activities and relaxation. Sharing cars and electric bikes.

Technické informace

The building structure is designed, as a combination of a perimeter skeleton system and a wall system within the building volume, made of reinforced concrete.

The appearance of the building is based on a regular grid of columns and ceilings, which their appearance will be finalized of white plaster in combination of large window openings. The regular grid is completed with golden balconies for greenery and golden outdoor blinds.

The layouts were designed in a modular, variable way with respect to the individual resident’s needs.

In the layout of the courtyard parterre we can find leisure sports grounds and green groves with seating.


Studio: Šourek / Svatoš / Žďára

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