Museum of Totalitarian Regimes, Prague

Jakub Vašek
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

Museum of totalitarian regimes. A house without expression. Without a face. Without character.

Popis projektu

Museum of totalitarian regimes. The house is part of the exhibition. The house interferes with the image of the city. It breaks the bonds. It evokes a feeling of insecurity. It forms a barrier. Wall. Fence. Creates strong emotions. Similar to the actions of those who were the masterminds of the Nazi and Communist rages in particular.

Museum of totalitarian regimes. The house leaves a scar. The house seems to be illogically situated. It does not stand on a pedestal. It is created in a completely normal place. It uses the gaps between houses - the momentary inattention of the city (society). He wedges into the street, tears it apart. It raises questions. Why with us? Why so cruel and shameless? Totalitarian regimes also did not ask questions and invaded people in the same way.

Museum of totalitarian regimes. The house is divided by three atriums. Atrium of the First Republic of hope - exhibition space of Nazi terror - Atrium of Post-war hope (art installation "Před Popravou") hung in it - exhibition space of communist terror - Atrium of Post-revolutionary hope.

Museum of totalitarian regimes. The house is freely accessible. A house behind a steel door. A house for those who do not close their eyes.

Technické informace

Concrete structure without embellishments. Raw. True. Uncovered technologies and management of engineering installations.


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