One forest made by a small gardens

WoonYong Kim
Hoseo University
Jižní Korea

Idea projektu

The community center was designed in a rich cultural heritage area which is surrounded with mountains. The idea is to plan the community center into a forest. a forest made of not woods but an architectural elements.
The “forest” was break into the small gardens and the gardens take placed inbetween the community center. The natural line from the mountain background to the forest create a single nature in the area

Popis projektu

The site is located between diverse characters; a cultural heritages, modern residents, mountains in the backgournd. Also it has 5 m slop between north and south. The key design strategy is to create a pocket places for many of these cultural heritages and residents to share.

Technické informace

The main idea is how to bring cultural heritages, nature, and community centers together.

1. The mass was designed as low as possible not to block the view to the heritage.
2. It is not a forest made of wood. It will be a forest as an architectural element.
3. Use wood and stone as exterior materials of the community center in order to balance with the surrounding area.
4. The rooftop garden connects natural flow from the mountains to the the heritage.
5. Utilize the contour of the land, small gardens are arranged as the roof of the community center, and the central garden Pavilion.
Pergola in the roof top of the community center was designed as a frame to highlight the heritages
The materias and color of the pergola is similar to the heritage to create the middle ground between the new pergola and old heritage. It creates a shade as a gathering place and outdoor activities .

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