Ali Alsurkhi
University of petra, جامعة البترا
Jordánské království

Idea projektu

To create a new standard of sustainable living in Jordan in order to help create an alternative to cramped apartments in the city, and to create a better quality of life away from pollution(air, noise, etc...).

Popis projektu

As climate change effects the middle east, Jordan gets hotter every year, thus there is a need for homes that are more adapted to the harsh climate. In Jordan the price of land is becoming less affordable year by year, so buying land further away from the city is more affordable, but then there are issues being off grid such as water pipes and electricity lines, which is why these homes are self-sustaining. They will include solar panel systems, water collection systems, composting toilets and water cooling.

Technické informace

This housing project is located in Madaba, Jordan, and consists of 12 houses, one community center, 16 green houses, one rainwater harvesting structure and solar panels. It is all connected with roads around the perimeter and paths in the middle.

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