BIO PLATFORMS: technology of nature, and nature of technology

Lea Pavlovic
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Idea projektu

Autonomous system, nature, is a complex system whose implications we have just begun to understand. The nature of human beings tends to achieve hyper-nature as an effect, not in terms of creating a new essence of nature, but the "next" nature, the essence of which is the same, only the capacities are explored and new aspects open in our relationship with it. Robotics and automatisation will play a major role in imitation of this system, from the smallest self-organizing entities to the comprehensive scheme, which leads to complete integration and balanced interdependence between nature and machine.

Transformation of collective consciousness and the principles of functioning of modern society lead to shifting, blurring and unclear definition of boundaries and the framework of thinking and movement. This wave includes the boundaries of architectural design, moves them and restructures, in accordance with new needs, capacities and possibilities of modern society, and demands that architecture becomes multidisciplinary, in order to offer more options, combining so far not applicable. Within this process of transformation of society, environment, and therefore of architecture, the question of quality arises of the relations that have emerged: the source (nature) - the product (technology) - the means (architecture) through the analysis of the past - present - future, by exploring new principles, models and concepts within the expanded boundaries in the field of architecture.

The project is exploring, and playing with relations of our source - nature, which is primarily an inspiration, and the system whose functional characteristics we continue to explore, the product - technologies we have created and use, for now in a partially destructive way that excludes thinking of the future in terms of nature, and architecture as a language that puts these two into an interactive relationship, in which technology represents the extension of nature, and the capacities of nature can be further explored.

Popis projektu

Project location is the contact zone of a large, urban and modern city, with an intact nature in borders of the Danube and Sava rivers. The spirit of this part of the city is enriched with attendance, spaciousness and pleasant relations of the built structure and nature as such. The collision of the two rivers that flow through Belgrade is viewed here from another angle, very close and without visible borders, characterised with continuous movement of water, greenery, sunshine, shade, in fact everything that nature can offer, in this area this is emphasized and intact. The coastal part is known for long walks, sports activities and just people enjoying nature.

Considering the values of the space, the characteristics of the site and its functionality, came the idea of creating a balanced project that includes a sufficiently controlled, but also free space that represents a combination of basic needs, a sense of comfort, relaxation and separation from the pace of a metropolis, but has a sense of that city and its identity with the use and integration of natural potentials and connections with existing architecture, as well as the symbolic links between the continental Belgrade coasts and the two sides of the city, through a single point of gathering, which will give the citizens of the city a direct 1-1 relationship with rivers, which so far did not exist.
Therefore, creative intervening in the area is inspired by natural potentials, the coast, and it is themed through the need of a 1: 1 relation with city rivers. The focus is on the use of water in a relaxing, and also innovative way, using modern principles and tools of new technology, and represents a blend and balance between what is a part of nature and a part of technology, a balance between today and the future.

With this aim, the idea of interaction between technology and nature and their integration is explored. And the project that is created is an ecologically conscious multifunctional object, along the coast itself that does not disturb the surrounding, and untouched nature, it overlaps and works with it.

Technické informace

The structure is constructed of shells made of natural material called CHITIN, which is obtained from insects and crustaceans that can be found in the very rivers on which the structure is located. Their form was explored in relation to the morphology of space and the possibilities of the material itself.

Chitin shells, supported by a constructive system of special steel carriers, are placed on the main, closed platform that includes all the necessary contents of an object predominantly recreational and sports function, in relation to the area that is characterized by sports activities in nature, and its length is 360m.

In summer period, the shells are used as pools, and are connected with river water filters, and they are the only contact with river water in Belgrade, since there are no beaches. In other periods they are used as platforms for sports activities such as skateboarding, skating, or open-air concerts…

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