sustainable housing project

mustafe omer ismail
university of hargeisa

Idea projektu

The concept of sustainable housing projects is to use sea waves. Using this concept creates that building gets more air ventilation.
The building revolves around an open space that creates a courtyard or center of the two buildings which is used by all building users’ visitors and employees.

Popis projektu

Another aspect that affected the concept was the circulation, for optimum circulation should be achieved. The spaces between the two buildings begin small space but it going to be large. The two building of the project is centralize open space which play important role our project functionally in order to prevent random process.

Technické informace

General criteria for the site selection  Provide to homes to get sea breeze and natural ventilation.  Provide adequate space for all activities and future expansion as well.  To create homes the low income people who lives Berbera.  The topography of the land (the lack of natural barriers impede the construction).  It’s well accessible to the site.

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