Urbanistický design a krajinářství

Commercial Street : Focused on the waterside

Choeun Kim
Hoseo University
Jižní Korea

Idea projektu

This project is to plan a commercial area in Baebang-eup, Asan, Korea. And the project suggests a new alternative to waterfront commercial facilities.

These days, walking is just for mobility. The reason is that modern people don't have to walk around until they get to their destination and have nothing to enjoy. So in modern life, ‘walking’ is more static than dynamic after all.

I want to add dynamic meaning to ‘walking’ through this project.

Popis projektu

This place is where the river flows. So I formed several layers around the river.
First of all, I set up two Green Way parallel to the river. The reason is that one of the things that users can experience while walking on the street is visual. This Greenway enables users to walk down the street and view nature.

In order to enhance this natural view, I have planned the deployment of mass in two forms: river-mass-Greenway or Greenway-mass-road.
The mass (mass of river-mass-Greenway) that looks at the river consists of a special mass using a porous roof rather than a flat roof. This makes it possible to have a unique view of the waterfront.
The mass (the mass of Greenway-Mass-Road) that bordered the road used a flat roof to maintain the city's.
Because these two forms of mass are both in contact with the Greenway, it's a plan to accept nature.

Finally, I added a layer called walkway to connect two physically disconnected masses between Greenway. This connects the disconnected space on the second floor. On this walkway, a new circulation is created and various events are held through the rooftop garden, which is located everywhere. So people who visit here can have a different experience in the city through walking.

This project provides people with a variety of walking experiences. Some are the waterfront streets, others the Greenway on the first floor, and others the walkway between the two-story buildings.
The project offers pedestrians a wide range of options through walking.

Technické informace

This is a waterfront commercial street.
So two guidelines have been applied to form the overall view of the city and the unique view of the waterfront.

The waterfront landscape has secured enough distance between the buildings for visibility into the waterfront. Also, the facade of the building towards the waterfront was given a sense of unity with the waterfront using projective materials.
In order to maintain the cityscape, I created various open spaces between buildings, not by the side of the road, and formed various event spaces. The three-dimensional walkway also enables the commercialization of the upper floors.

1. It forms an outer space centered on pedestrians, inducing activity and connecting spaces that can be cut off by streams.
2. Continuous event space on the street allows people to take to the streets and get active in the space.
3. Facilitate diverse movements and enhance street vitality through the layout of facing commercial facilities.
4. This commercial street is planned as a car-free street, and the upper floors provide a rest area through partial green roof.

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