The Conwy Hall

Anh Dung Tran
University of Huddersfield

Project idea

As I was writing a dissertation about iconic architecture of the last 100 years, the idea was to combine the "Iconic factor" into the design. I tried to mimic the design process of Frank Gehry: using curved elements and new structural design. Since making a connection to the wall of the Conwy town is essential, I came up with the idea of structures growing out of the walls and supporting the accommodation above. This is a reference to the flowers that grow and rise from the castle walls - a powerful yet elegant image that has been seen by the people of Conwy for hundreds of year.

Project description

The project's brief required us to design a performance venue in Conwy - a walled town in Whales. The building should consist of three main space: a small recital space, a medium indoor performance space and a outdoor performance space. The brief's requirement also mentioned that the building needs to be either near the town's wall or having direct contact with it (making a connection with the town's wall).

Technical information

As most of the accommodations are hovering up on the air and supported by the concrete fins, this allowed me to create an entrance accessible on top of the town walls. This entrance is for casual visitors of Conwy and they would be rewarded by the amazing views to the castle on top of the auditorium roofs. The main lobby is located on ground level. This entrance would served the auditorium visitors. These visitors would make their way through the bridge (which connect the main lobby and the auditorium) and they could physically touch the town's wall, again creating that Conwy's experience.

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