Diamond Galery

Greta Rasheva
Higher School of Civil Engineering (VSU) "Lyben Karavelov", Sofia, Bulgaria

Idea projektu

The idea came from the structure of the diamond's molecule. This is a small galery fit for every city. It's sixagone shape provides modul formation for bigger project.

Popis projektu

The galery's concept is to be monumental or removable structure with modular flexibility and sustainable architecture . The materials depens from the purpose of the structure. (Concrate and metal ferma for monumental purprose and only metal construction with ferma for removable structure).

Technické informace

The plan is sixagone. It has two floors. On the first are the information and ticket center, small galery and education room for kids or office. The second contain the big galery. In the midle is the conection with spiral stairs with mehanical elevation for disability. The triangaler structures of the fasade are solar glass panels which provide energy.The sixagone shape of the plan is perfect for group of conected and bigger modular galery structures.

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