Children Cancer Hospital Design

Muhammad Uzair Afzal
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

Idea projektu

A project is to design a children cancer hospital in a context of Karachi, Pakistan. There are several cancer hospitals in Karachi but there is no hospital of cancer that specifically dealing with children cancer patients. main objective is to provide a suitable environment for a child so he/she will not be scar from the treatment. A hospital that is specially for children and create an environment that heals them what they are suffering from.

Popis projektu

Project CHILDREN CANCER HOSPITAL DESIGN has been issued. The project includes lecture and keen observation of the environment in order to understand the psychological treatment of cancer disease in children. Students have to design a 100 bed hospital for children under the age of 12.

A hospital design is divided into 3 phases.
1) Literature
2) Site
3) Design

In a phase of study. I need to explore each and every phase of a hospital design considering the psychology of children. The age of the children is restricted from born to 12. This will help the me to study, understand and explore the needs of a child. As treatment itself is a difficult phase and it'll be more difficult if a patient is a child.
I need to learn the requirements of a child while he/she is under treatment. What type of environment is suitable for him/her? Which type of color scheme is more appropriate. What kind of lights are need to be provided in a children cancer hospital and also the technical phase of hospital like services supply, waste management, emergency exits and others?

In this phase of design I have to find a suitable site for a children cancer hospital. Site must be in Karachi. Site must be accessible from every corner of Karachi easily. Develop valid reasons why and how this site is suitable to design a children cancer hospital.

This phase starts with the development of requirements to design a children cancer hospital. The requirements are developed from the literature review.

1) Emergency
2) In-patient
3) Out patient
4) Administration
5) Laboratories
6) Radiology
7) Operation theater
8) I.C.U
9) Recovery
10) Mortuary
11) Activity area (depend on design)
12) Learning area (depend on design)
13) Cafeteria
14) Prayer area (Male & Female)
15) Doctor’s lounge
16) Rehabilitation
17) Play area (depend on design)
18) Storage
19) Pharmacy
20) Waste disposal
21) Dietary
22) Laundry
23) Emergency exits
24) Services
25) Washroom
26) Kitchenette
The area of these spaces will be according to a 100 bed hospital design.

Technické informace

A site is located on main university road besides a Hakeem Saeed ground, which can be easily accessible from every corner of the city. Site is selected in order to close ambulance point and mortuary for any emergency. A site area is 734 ft x 386 ft, 6.50 acre. A site is three side road facing that provides more options to access it. The front of a site is a primary road (main university road) of 120 ft wide. The secondary road is on the left side of a site which is of 30 ft wide while on the back is a tertiary road which is also 30 ft wide on a right side plot is attached with Hakeem Saeed ground. The activities near a side is also different like on the front there is a commercial zone while on the back there is a residential zone. On the right a left there is any amenity plots. A plot is divided into 4 major sections.
1) Separate parking for emergency and staff
2) Separate parking for inpatient and outpatient attendant
3) Play or a landscape area for the user
4) Build form
As hospital is a very technical design any one mistake can lead a patient to death and it will be more critical while dealing with cancer patient because there is radioactive treatment is also on going. Technically hospital is still divided into major sections .
1) Electrical supply plant which is on a separate building block but all the supplies are from an underground line.
2) Same procedure is done with the fresh water supply.
3) In order to protect a child an isolation environment is create and for that chiller plants and HVAC are purposed.
4) Waste management is an another aspect of hospital which has to be deal critically and for that each floor contains a main or collection room that caters the floor and from that point all the waste will transfer to the main waste collection point and at that point waste is segregated either it is going to dumb or in incinerator.


There is no collaboration in this project its an individual purposal for a hospital design .

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