DELTA-TERRAXX ULTRA – hydroisolation

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Highly pressure-resistant protection and drainage system offering an extraordinary high-pressure resistance and an extremely robust filter fleece. Can be used on areas which may be driven on by trucks and on areas with high traffic volumes, as well as in vertical applications with installation depths of up to 20 m.

Significantly higher water drainage capacity than a mineral drainage layer.

The material combination of pressure-resistant dimpled sheet and laminated, filter-stable geotextile serves as a drainage layer for all the types of DELTA® -TERRAXX by offering an effective protection to the pressure-resistant substrates from any mechanical influences. Furthermore, the strips are equipped with an integrated self-adhesive edge and have a tested long-term durability of 100 years.

During the laying operation: fast laying in the area and simple when it comes to the details
DELTA®-TERRAXX ULTRA has a roll format of 10.5 x 2.40 m. This means that 25.2 m2 can be quickly laid in one operation. For a detailed design, the drainage sheet may simply be cut to size by means of a cutter knife.

Ideal protection against punctiform loads
The contact area of the DELTA®-TERRAXX ULTRA to the substrate is of approximately 80%. This results in an even load distribution since the sealing is ideally protected from punctiform loads by the backfill material.

Year of market release: 2004

Green technology: NO

Innovation: NO


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