DELTA®-MAXX X - waterproof membrane

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The robust DELTA®-MAXX X waterproofing membrane (DHV) is characterised by its very high mechanical resistance. The extraordinary combination of materials gives it an above-average strength. DELTA®-MAXX X has been successfully tested for resistance to cave-in (GS-BAU-18 Certificate 201920914). It can also be used on roofs with large batten spacing for large format tiles according to DIN 4426. This provides significantly increased safety when working on the roof! 

30-year guarantee of functionality.

Safe installation even in wet and sub-zero temperatures. The unique overlap adhesive works reliably in wet conditions and even at temperatures down to -10 °C.

Highly resistant to hail and thus forms an additional protective shield under the roof covering itself (tested according to DIN EN 13583, certificate 111329/14).

DELTA®-MAXX X complies with the requirements of the German Roofing Guild Rules (ZVDH-Regelwerk) and can be used together with system elements and as temporary roofing. 

After laying the strips, simply remove the protective film from the self-adhesive edges, press them together and you're done! The self-adhesive edges adhere immediately and the joint is windproof.

Technical Data

Year of market release: 2023

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


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Green technology

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