DELTA-FLORAXX TOP - drainage membrane

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Diffusion-open protective and drainage membrane with water storage function and equipped with an integrated, filter-stable geotextile. Surface drainage and water storage in one. Ideally suited for use on green as well as on inverted roofs.

DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP serves as a protective, drainage and water storage layer in extensive as well as intensively greened flat roof constructions. The dimpled sheet is rolled out on a protective fleece (min. 300g/sqm) above the root-proof seal with the dimpled side down. Since the filter-stable geotextile has already been integrated, the plant substrate can be applied directly to the product DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP during the next step. The planting is then done individually.

DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP is also used in the inverted roof as a diffusion-open cover for the thermal insulation. The dimpled sheet is laid on a water-draining separating layer with the knobs facing the roof insulation.

The dimpled membrane is safe for drinking water, resistant to chemicals and does not rot in the ground.

Large water reservoir of approximately 7 l/sqm
DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP stores rainwater. This is why it serves as a water reservoir for dry periods. Excess rainwater runs off through the perforation holes punched in the dimpled sheet and can be drained on the roof waterproofing between the knobs.

80% higher compressive strength
Thanks to the octagon knob with reinforcing ribs, it has an approx. 80% higher compressive strength than standard nubs.

Integrated filter fleece
The laminated, filter-stable geotextile permits the application of the plant substrate immediately after the drainage and after the application of the water storage layer. No further filter layer must be applied. This saves additional effort.

No silting up
The laminated geotextile is pressure and filter stable. This way it can reliably prevents the dimpled sheet from becoming silted up.

Perforation holes between the dimples
The perforation holes guarantee that excess rainwater (approximately 8.7 l/m²s) is drained away, thus avoiding root rot, for example.

Thanks to the perforation holes, the product DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP can achieve an SD value of approximately 0.4 m. So, it is ideal for the use on inverted roofs.

Technical data

Year of market release: 2020

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


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