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Coloured facade foils in seven standard colours for open facades with joints up to 50 mm wide and a maximum joint percentage of 50% of the surface area. They form additional design colour accents behind open joint facade claddings or transparent claddings such as wood, metal, metal mesh, glass or polycarbonate.

Long-term UV-resistant
Excessive UV exposure can lead to damage and negatively affect the function of the facade film. DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS is long term stable to the effects of UV radiation thanks to a special coating. The foil is therefore protected against material embrittlement and fatigue and you will benefit from its very long service life.

Hardly flammable 
DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS meets the requirements of the European reaction to fire class B-s1, d0. This is the highest class of hard-to-burn films and in practice this means: no hot droplets drip off in a fire and only minimal smoke is produced. This means that residential buildings and their occupants are even better protected.

Design diversity and individual appearance
Thanks to the choice and combination of different materials and fixing techniques (visible or concealed), ventilated facades offer a wide range of design possibilities. With seven different shades, DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR PLUS offers you the possibility to design a façade with your own aesthetics and individual look.

Water vapour permeability
The Sd value is only approx. 0.02 m and guarantees a bgh water vapour permeability. This ensures the functionality of the composition and permanently dry thermal insulation.

Material: high-strength polyester fabric with waterproof and UV-resistant coating and integrated self-adhesive edges
Colour shades: amber orange/ coral red/ emerald green/ topaz blue/ pearl grey/ agate white/ onyx black. Other colour shades on request!

Use our configurator as a source of inspiration. Combine your façade cladding with your desired colour and let your imagination have free rein:

Year of market release: 2017

Green technology: NO

Innovation: NO


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