Pinnacle Stair Luxury Estate

Kirubel Sileshi
Hawassa University

Project idea

The term "ascendant" refers to something that is rising in power or influence. It symbolizes the journey toward success, with each step representing progress, growth, and advancement toward a higher level of achievement. In various contexts, being ascendant conveys the notion of overcoming obstacles and continuously striving for excellence.

In a professional setting, an ascendant trajectory often involves acquiring new skills, gaining more responsibilities, and achieving higher positions within an organization. It reflects dedication, hard work, and the determination to reach one's goals.

In personal development, the concept of being ascendant can be seen in the pursuit of self-improvement, whether through education, cultivating new talents, or enhancing one's well-being. It embodies the idea of never settling for mediocrity and always pushing forward to unlock one's full potential.

Overall, the ascendant journey is marked by a series of milestones that signify continuous progress and the relentless pursuit of success. Each step taken represents a significant move towards reaching higher levels of achievement, making the concept of ascendant a powerful metaphor for growth and advancement in various aspects of life.

Project description

The estate boasts an exquisite landscape designed for children and families, providing a serene and enjoyable environment for all. It features a variety of accommodations, including studios, single, double, and triple bedrooms, each thoughtfully designed for comfort and convenience. Additionally, the estate includes ample storage space, an indoor pool, a shop, a greenery area, and more amenities coming soon.

Technical information

The building is a modern, multi-story structure primarily constructed using concrete and hollow blocks, ensuring durability and efficient insulation. The extensive use of glass in the windows and façade enhances natural lighting and contributes to its contemporary aesthetic. The design features classical columns, adding a touch of elegance and tradition, while vertical gardens or green walls promote sustainability and enhance visual appeal. Steel is likely used for reinforcement within the concrete and decorative elements. The building offers various residential units, including studios, single, double, and triple bedrooms, and includes amenities such as an indoor pool and a shop.

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