Addis Miraf Tertiary Hospital

Kirubel Sileshi
Hawassa University

Project idea

When I first thought about a hospital, the initial image that came to mind was of doctors and their roles. They provide care, comfort, and ensure the safety of their patients. This inspired me to create something that represents their dedication. The concept of a "Shield" came to me, symbolizing protection from harm or damage through appropriate measures.

After confirming that this concept aligned with the program, my next step was to find a representation of the shield that was relevant to hospitals and doctors. I realized that the mere presence of a doctor’s hand often provides patients with a sense of safety, even without any action. Thus, I decided that my design would start with an open hand, shielding something within its palms. This initial form underwent further transformations, taking various factors into consideration.

Project description

This hospital is equipped with a comprehensive range of facilities to ensure the highest level of care and convenience for our patients. These facilities include a reception area, pharmacy, emergency department, outpatient department (OPD), mortuary, dental clinic, rehabilitation center, operation theater, intensive care unit (ICU), radiology department, blood bank, and patient wards.

Technical information

This hospital is constructed using concrete and hollow blocks, ensuring durability and strength. The architectural design features classical columns, adding a timeless and elegant touch to the building's aesthetics.

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