Public school for 550 places

Александра Пригара
Russian Federation

Project idea

The idea of ​​the project is to have a common recreational area in the center of the school, which serves as a communication and connection between the other blocks of the building: the canteen and library, the gym, the assembly hall, the elementary school, the high school and the administration. Due to this system, small children are isolated in the elementary school and senior students in the high school. However, children of all ages can easily get to any part of the building using the common ring block. Еach block of the school is unique and have their own idea, so that children would enjoy going to school and spending time there.

Project description

The elementary school block has a stepped roof with skylights on the vertical part. This solution provides additional light and looks interesting from the inside of the building.

The senior school block is divided into 2 adjoining parts. One of them is missing a fragment of the 1st floor, so the building stands on columns, thus creating a space on the ground for senior students to relax and work together, protected by the 2nd floor of the building. The second part of the block has a wavy roof, which can be made exploitable if desired, because it is easy to get to it from the neighboring block. Having well protected the space on the roof, you can make recreation areas there or conduct classes among artificial "hills".

The library has round light openings in the ceiling, which beautifully transmit sunlight and fill the entire double-height space of the reading room.

The recreation area consists of 2 floors. From the first you can go out into the inner courtyard space-garden, the second floor also has an exit to the outside and serves as communication between the upper floors of the building.

Technical information

The school building is located on a separate plot in an urban environment with a 25 m indentation from the red line of the main streets to the school. The area of ​​the plot is 3 hectares. Based on the analysis of the site, the main transport and pedestrian routes were identified, allowing to determine the compositional basis, functional zoning, and the location of the main entrance to the building.

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