DELPHINUS- Gangetic Dolphin Research and Tourist Experience Center

Yashvardhan Singh
School of architecture, IPSAcademy

Project idea

The thesis is about developing gangetic dolphin research center and tourist experience center in Bhagalpur District, Bihar. The center aims to provide environment for scholars, scientists and tourist to study Gangetic dolphin in the same environment in which their habitat thrives. Along with this it also tends to be an center for the society to appreciate the subject to reserve gangetic dolphin through tourism.

Project description

The Gangetic Dolphin Research and Tourist Experience Center is designed to foster understanding of river dolphin ecosystems while promoting conservation efforts. The exhibition area connects to various zones through transition spaces, with primary vertical circulation directed via ramps. These ramps, placed on the north side, offer an immersive underwater experience beneath the touch pool, maintaining engagement without creating dead spaces. The facade design of both the research and experience centers is inspired by water waves, featuring layered panels that regulate heat and light according to the structure's needs. This dynamic space not only educates visitors about river dolphins but also emphasizes the importance of environmental stewardship. The thoughtful design ensures a seamless flow between areas, enhancing the visitor experience while showcasing sustainable architecture.

Technical information

Truss and RCC structure, glass curtain walls, perforated panels, kinetic panels in facade, vertical battens, brick walls.

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