Rukia Nishimura
Graduate School of Architecture, Kyoto Arts and Crafts University

Project idea

The concept for this project was “From NIMBY to YIMBY”. I aim to transform the cleaning plant from a nuisance, “Not In My Backyard,” to a welcoming place, “Yes In My Backyard. In order to achieve this, we believe it is necessary to make the cleaning plant a facility that is open to the community and loved by the community on a daily basis, and to eliminate the conventional concept of a cleaning plant. The proposal, like the titled “ENERGY PARK,” proposes a facility that utilizes various types of energy, such as “heat energy” and “electric energy” generated by the waste treatment plant, and “food energy” grown with fertilizer produced from garbage, so that it is not just a facility for collecting garbage, but a facility that many people use on a daily basis. The facility was designed to be used by many people on a daily basis, not just for garbage collection.

Project description

Although cleaning plants have a negative image, they can also generate various types of energy, such as “thermal energy” and “electrical energy. Therefore, I have planned facilities and activities that use three major types of energy. The first is “thermal energy. I designed a “heated pool” and “public bath” within the facility using the thermal energy generated by the cleaning plant. The second is “electric energy,” which utilizes the electric energy generated by the cleaning plant, and from the perspective of future demand, many electric vehicle charging spots were installed in the parking lot, and a theater room was designed to be used for presentations by local residents. The third is “food energy. Using fertilizer produced from garbage, vegetables and other produce are grown on the rooftop garden and served at the on-site restaurant, and the garbage from the restaurant can be used again as fertilizer.

Technical information

The construction of the building is made of reinforced concrete and CLT.


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