Interior Design

Angonjiwo Pasuruan

Bella Eunike Jessica
Ciputra University

Project idea

The idea of this project is caused by the problem that the human need for space continues to increase along with the growth of the number of people and their activities, including in the commercial sector. Design needs to have a sense of place rather than following globalization so that the commercial business established in the place can have its own uniqueness and create a sense of place through its interior design so as to increase their visitors.

Project description

After analyzing the design project, the client's wishes and problems in the business, the design solution concept taken is a design concept that will answer every problem by raising the Sense Of Place value of Angonjiwo located in Pasuruan called the "Pasuruan Whisper" concept. This concept also has a tagline, namely "Cafe Concept Speaking Of Locale", where the design of the Angonjiwo project will be centered on answering client problems by raising the local value of Pasuruan as a Sense Of Place value which is expressed slowly as if whispering to everyone who enters Angonjiwo Cafe through its design. This concept is the most appropriate choice for a cafe that will be used as a place to gather, socialize and hold events for all groups because it will create a sense of place attachment to Angonjiwo subtly like whispering not roughly like shouting.

Pasuruan elements that will be raised, among others, is the use of materials for interior, architecture and furniture products in the design design that uses the original Pasuruan industry. In addition, the typical culture of Pasuruan will also be raised, the accent color is taken from the color of the Pasuruan logo, and the motto "Sura Dira Satya Pati" means courageous and loyal to the leadership of the state and religion, the words Sura Pati also symbolize that the people of Pasuruan will remember the hero Untung Soeropati.

The style used in the Angonjiwo Cafe design project is Modern Colonial Architecture. This style was chosen because after analyzing, it was found that there was a similarity with the existing building form in this design project. This style is also appropriate because the project location is in Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia and the concept that wants to raise the localization. This effort is made so that every visitor who comes to Angonjiwo Cafe wants to keep coming back because of the formation of attachment to the place and satisfaction in aesthetics, functionality and service in the Cafe.

Technical information

Circulation patterns in each mass are different (linear, clustered, radial) to optimize the use of space, user activities and views obtained in the building.

The material used is focusing on local materials such as wood (both raw and processed), rattan, fabric, and plants for furniture, interior and exterior of buildings produced & developed by industries in Pasuruan.

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