Aswan's aquatics center

shimaa kamaleldin

Project idea

The rationale behind the project selection is that, although sports are important in our daily life and Egypt is the best in certain sports, other
sports, like swimming, have not gotten the attention they deserve in the city of Aswan.
Why swimming?
Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Aswan, but there aren't enough sports clubs for them to practice, so they get crowded. Some
of them are forced to swim on the islands without a lifeguard or coach, which has resulted in a lot of drowning incidents

Project description

Building areas are
distributed as follows:
- Parking is available in the basement
-The ground floor is dedicated to:
There are three swimming pools there:
one for training, one for diving, and one
olympic pool. Along with player
services from loackers, a gym, and
special rooms for famous players
building has three entrances: one for
the general public, one for
VIPs, and one for players and
The first floor has the administrative
and services zone, as well as the food
court, PlayStation Zone, spectors
seates, and retail businesses.
- The second floor: In addition to
the administrative zone, media
conference hall, and media rooms,
there are VIP rooms.
- A food court, an administrative area,
and additional spectors seates are
located on the third floor.

Technical information

The building's structural systems are frames, trusses, and flat slabs
The materials used in facades are bricks, paints, curtain wall


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