Interior Design


Nouran Elsaman
Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University in Alexandria

Project idea

Creating a fashion house for the Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen.

Project description

The fashion house is inspired by Iris Van Herpen collection in which all the lines and the grid is taken from her dresses in collection “Architectonics” used in the interior design of the fashion house. Also, the color scheme and the materials used are from the basic material that the design used combining craftsmanship with digital technology, she creates an entirely new way to experience clothing.

Technical information

The structure of the building consists of nodes, struts, and diagonals intersecting together made of steel/Al forming the all over shape providing stability. also, the cladding of the outer layer of the figure is made of glass and panels which is adjustable giving access to the daylight and full security from the outer weather. The fashion house rises up till 20m with a center of a spiral organic staircase leading to the two floors. T he reason behind using this figure structure to reassure on the concept of the designer and the way she creates dresses mixing the future with traditional ways in fashion.


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