Seungbin Jeong
School of Visual Arts | New York NY
United States of America

Project idea

Nature is an artist. The wind is its hand, rain is its brush, and anything on the ground is its canvas. Nature sometimes redefines the work of man in its own intention. Kells Priory is the artwork that man produced back in medieval times, which now nature had handover and altered into its own artistic thinking. It was defensive and exclusive, but now the absence of a roof and the collapse of walls created the coexistence of open and close. The different intentions of the two artists collaborated in one place to make the ruins more attractive and beautiful. Its unique characteristic can be an artistic stronghold for future artists. As an artist residency, the ruins and the design of open structures can revive the abandoned space and bond together with the sceneries to provide an ever-changing experience full of creativity and inspiration. It will be the only experience for the growing artists to use as their nutrition to branch out further. Old and new, past and future, none of it is boasting out itself. Those are harmonizing together to increase the synergy and to show it to the world outside proudly.

Project description

It seems that nature wanted to change Kells Priory into a jovial rhythm while also leaving the existing grandeur. From the south main entrance to the north river, it created the progressive crescendo. The vertical rhythm of the timber columns is reciprocating the musical structure of ruins. The ensemble of stone and wood reassembles its creators; the man and nature, but now they are as audiences to appreciate the growing artist’s work. It will also become a motivation to the young artist as the whole place is now their stage to perform. The ruins and the new artist residency are combined into one arousing the constant experience of open and close. The cloister will be a legato and also another layer of rhythm to this flow. Responding to the crescendo of ruins, wood structures are adapting and developing themselves from light frames to heavy timber. Which will composite a harmonious duet of materials guiding the visitors to the main theme. Now, Kells Priory will be entrusted to the young conductor to play the most beautiful melody to the world.

Technical information

Structural Design: Integration of light frames to heavy timber structures, enhancing the existing ruins while maintaining their historical integrity.
Materials: Use of stone and wood to create a harmonious blend of old and new, reflecting the natural and historical elements of Kells Priory.
Spatial Layout: Open and closed spaces designed to offer a fluid, progressive experience from the south main entrance to the north river, with the cloisters, ramp, and gangway adding continuity to the overall design.
Artistic Features: Vertical timber columns mimicking the musical structure of the ruins, providing a dynamic backdrop for artists to showcase their work.

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