(PIXEL) animation center

menna ali
Faculty of Engineering, Ahram Canadian University

Project idea

- What it Project :
♦The animation programhas recently gained
international as well as local fame because of its
strong connection withthe technological and digital
development in all software used for theproduction of
animationin addition to the 3Dvideo games and the
production of characters.
♦ Animation helps explore and develop ideas to
implement them in reality. The animation process
fosters students’ positive attitude and creative
thinking's . They can take advantage of creating an
animation (with the help of “ready to use "animation
tools that are easily available) about the theory they
want to convey.
- Project Vision :
♦ Creating spaces that give you the power to entertain
, learn and produce whatever your culture and your

Project description

- The Project objectives :
♦Realizing the 2030 vision of the Arab Animation Conference in creating a distinct economic model
♦ reviving of the cinema industry after the global epidemic
♦encourage producers to invest in this field to create a distinguished future in various fields
♦ Cinema is one of the factors affecting the minds of future generations
♦Different cultural interaction

Technical information

- Architecture Decision :
1- Reuse of rainwater - in irrigation - cleaning services
2- Use double glazing for facades and windows to reflect
sunlight and isolate sound
3- Green & Accessible Roof
4- Using Gray Water
5- Using Internal Courts
6- Using Solar Panels
7- Use sun shades on facades
8- Using mashrabiyas with a modern covering style
9- dynamic shading device
- Architecture Style :
- Most of the materials used depend on glass
facades with aluminum - or glass lighting facades
-The use of planted roofs in most buildings, as it is
a 4th generation city that relies on sustainability in
its facilities
- The city towers are considered among the
skyscrapers, as their height ranges more than 12
-The structural system depends on reinforced
concrete, which may be flat slab, and metal
structures depending on the spac

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