The Floating Cultural Heaven

Abdulrahman Jabakhanji
Beirut Arab university, Faculty of Architecture, Tripoli

Project idea

The philosophical underpinning of the "Floating Cultural Heaven" project revolves around the profound concept of fostering harmony in diversity. This idea encapsulates the intrinsic connection between nature and culture, envisioning a space where cultural elements seamlessly integrate with the natural landscape.

Project description

The project is a visual art park. it is a testament to the transformative power of unity, emphasizing the potential for renewal and positive change, and advocating for a sustainable, respectful relationship with the Earth. Grounded in these principles, the concept radiates a sense of cultural diplomacy, promoting understanding and appreciation for the diverse facets of human expression.

project location: it is located in north Lebanon, chekka-kfarabida quarry which has an effect on the environmental and human. Environmental effects include habitat destruction, soil erosion, water pollution, noise, dust, and visual disruption.
Human health concerns involve respiratory problems, noise pollution, and safety hazards. Additionally, quarries can lead to traffic congestion, affect property values, and disrupt communities.

So, the main goal was to transform this site from a negative impact on the surroundings to an oasis for the environment.

The project main zones are exhibitions, the platform, auditorium, amphitheater, classes, and accommodation units for artists. It aspires to create a living tapestry where cultural diversity and the beauty of nature intertwine to form a harmonious whole. This tapestry is woven with threads of cultural celebration, as the project envisions a space where various cultures converge, expressing their uniqueness through art, music, performance, and interactive exhibits.

Central to the vision is the concept of eco-harmony, where sustainable practices and environmental preservation take precedence, demonstrating that cultural enrichment can coexist seamlessly with a commitment to ecological well-being. Furthermore, it is envisioned as a community-centric space, engaging local residents in its development and ongoing activities, fostering a sense of pride, ownership, and shared responsibility.

Technical information

The platform itself is shaded by contoured ribs giving the fluidity of the water to the space itself. Using parametric design and studying the fluidity of the water the main structure was leveled and designed in a way that reflects the feeling of water to the users

The main structure of the project is a mix of reinforced concrete, steel frame structures, and composite beams and decks. The space frame is composed of a special steel tube-and-nodes system

The main grid composites of Perpendicular axis of span 6-8 meters in addition to the slab and beams needed

It's a rigid, lightweight, truss-like structure constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern that is used in the Shaded Roof

A grid of truncated cones will unfold to create patterns of light and shadow. The cone forms will be carefully engineered to invite the visitor to rest and contemplate the surrounding exhibition.
The cone structure serves as a trusses form, meticulously designed to bear the load of the shaded platform, thereby functioning as a crucial supporting element. Moreover, the top of the cone is oriented at a specific angle, purposefully angled to prevent direct sunlight from penetrating. This strategic inclination not only mitigates excessive heat but also allows for the presence of natural lighting, creating a harmonious balance between shading and illumination within the designated space. The careful consideration of both structural and functional aspects enhances the overall efficiency and aesthetic appeal of the design.

3) While the upper part of the cliff is hanged on a cliff of 48m height. It is located approximately 48m above the level of the platform. In order to solve the accessibility of the project, a placement of main core at the cliff that communicates this level with the level below and thus to improve the connectivity with the platform. The elevator is resolved with three concrete screens with Corten steel facing and a glass box that allows the passengers to enjoy the panoramic views while circulating vertically by the elevator, the retaining wall of the new sidewalk is resolved with Corten steel panels that will simultaneously complete the functions of retaining wall, surface finish and will visually drive the pedestrian to the


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