Ahmed Jummah
University of Baghdad, College of Engineering

Project idea

The dental college project in Baghdad stands out with its innovative architectural design, combining triangular shapes and sharp angles to create a unique architectural experience. The design features innovative construction solutions, utilizing advanced building techniques to enhance sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

Project description

The dental college features multiple clinics equipped with the latest medical technologies to meet patients' needs and provide a comfortable and innovative medical environment for students' practical training. Additionally, the college includes advanced classrooms equipped with sound systems and modern educational technology to provide a distinguished and effective learning experience.

Technical information

The dental college's design primarily focuses on providing appropriate infrastructure for the use of bicycles. This includes creating dedicated bike lanes within the campus, providing bike maintenance facilities, and offering bike parking near the main entrances of the college and key buildings. Additionally, bike rental services can be provided for students and staff to encourage sustainable use of alternative transportation methods.

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