Intergenerational cultural center

Zayneb ben ameur, Wiem ben kamla, Moomen yahyaoui, Asma hmizi
Ecole Polytechnique de Sousse

Project idea

The guiding concept of the project revolves around three time periods (past: historical(FORTRESS), present: intramural (the exciting city) , future: extramural), three generations, three orientations, and three sides.
The philsophy of the idea is to connects the functions and génerations in a relationship with the environment (hitorical landmarks) , orientations and sides of the project .

Project description

The project proposes the creation of an intergenerational cultural complex in Yedikule, Turkey, near the historic centers of the fortress and the rampart of Theosidoss. A walk along the rampart highlights the rich heritage of the district, with its historical elements representing the past, the intramural landscape reflecting the present, and the extramural landscape symbolizing the future. To meet these orientations, the complex is designed in the form of a triangle, subsequently divided into three blocks, each oriented towards one of these three landscapes. This structure is connected by a historic exhibition space in the basement and covered interior streets on the ground floor. At the intersection of these streets is a truncated glass pyramid, drawing attention to the exhibit below. We create a ramp that revolves around the future volume aims to provide users with an architectural promenade to the extramural, allowing them to experience the environment. We have connected the ramp with space to create a link between the interior and exterior, fostering socio-cultural interaction, as our project is cultural and public .

Technical information

The construction of building is made by concrete, an ALM/steel Profile with specified add-on system and Glazing structure spec ; are coverd the alleys of the 3 threes volumes ; it creates a relation between them .

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