Residential building

Isaiah Paulino
College of Architecture, University of Khartoum, Khartoum
South Sudan

Project idea

The concept of this project is to provide healthy and humanized living environment to the user, giving them full temperature control in all seasons by directing the building according to sun movement, this help to solve some problems we are facing in our housing, the high temperature we get due to choosing wrong building materials or directing the building to wrong side or even misunderstanding the movement of wind around the site.

Project description

As it’s a residential building so it will consist of sleeping rooms, kitchen, WC, living rooms, dining rooms and more housing spaces, for my project it’s a duplex consist of 5 floors plus ground floor which makes it 6 according to Americans, it’s for high income families, this is a solution to land use, and also social unity. this duplex consist of 3 nuclear families with different family members that range between 4-8 max and ages range from 4-25 according to the children.

Technical information

This building is made of simple brick, reinforcement concrete slaps and columns and glassed windows and doors, finishing for walls, floors and ceilings are well chosen, electrical lines and plumbing are already planned but the pictures I have shared has no pictures of plans just elevations and 3D.


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