Solidarity Dawn

CheYu Hsu
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology - 雲林科技大學
Taiwan, Province of China

Project idea

The dawn of unity reveals the friendly face, the sturdy fortress is built by people scattered around the world gradually gathering into towering towers, and the indoor rappelling training tower gives meaning to the monument symbolizing the joint efforts of countries to establish peace.

Project description

We have configured the site with climate considerations in mind. The local sunlight trajectory ranges from a high of 75 degrees to a low of 19 degrees. In order to provide more natural lighting to each space, skylights have been incorporated into two areas throughout the building. However, during winter, there is a prevailing south wind. Therefore, we have positioned the bedrooms and bathrooms on the north side to avoid the cold winds of winter.
1. "Throughout the design planning, we initially allocated space near the main road on the site to 'establish appropriate sizes and establish driving routes,' dividing them into service vehicle routes (requiring fast and direct access) and regular and visitor vehicle routes (near the reception area and administrative zone).
2. "Based on nodes, arrange vertical routes," allowing firefighters to quickly reach staircases from any corner of the building (averaging 10m-12m).
3. "The second floor extends the horizontal band to connect all spaces."
4. "Overall, we utilized voids to divide the space into 'public areas, office areas, and private areas,' while retaining the continuation of the horizontal band and adding outdoor balconies for connectivity."
"Previously, we divided the entire space into several categories:

Deployment Area - Ground floor garage, equipment room, shower rooms, equipment warehouse maintenance space. "To prevent congestion in this area, we divided it into front and rear routes."

Office Area - Important office spaces are located on the first floor, such as command room and control room, adjacent to the deployment area. The ground floor route is divided into entrances for foreign staff, close to the regular vehicle garage. The public reception area for visitors is located near the road for visibility, various offices, security room, meeting rooms (for morning meetings). On the second floor, there are instructor rooms (for easy contact with firefighters), finance rooms, and meeting rooms (for teaching and meetings).

Privacy Area - The second floor houses living areas, including bedrooms, dressing rooms, public bathrooms, and toilets, with convenient and quick access routes.

Public Area - The second floor contains a restaurant, dining hall, and on the third floor, a lounge, indoor fitness training room, and on the fourth floor, an entertainment room. The fitness training room on the third floor allows for direct visibility of the ground floor garage through the voids, facilitating reception of emergency situations.

5. In consideration of special training requirements and the issue of snowfall, both flat training grounds and vertical training areas are equipped with indoor spaces. The indoor rappelling training tower, with its contrasting height differences, becomes a visual focal point.

6. Combining our desired concept of 'gradually gathering and stacking to build towers,' each stone slab on the tower gradually tightens from scattered to closely arranged. Each national and association emblem atop the tower represents our gratitude towards them, bringing a beacon of hope for the people of Ukraine."

Technical information

1.foundations - reinforced concrete driven piles (based on geological conditions)
2.supporting structures - mixed system, prefabricated floors
3.masonry walls, external insulation - ROCWOOL or equivalent
4.plaster - drive
5.facade systems made of composite materials, stoneware, alucobond, raspan
6.partitions - aerated concrete, plasterboard
7.stairs and landings - monolithic, reinforced concrete

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