Dhamar International Airport

Ebrahim Alsalemi
Thamar university

Project idea

Design idea

- Every civilization has a trace that indicates it

One of the symbols of ancient Yemeni civilization is the ibex.

- Since the Ibex had a connection with ancient Yemeni civilization, I found many

Among the inscriptions and statues that embodied the symbolism of the ibex in ancient Yemeni history

- Because the caribou is associated with altitude and challenging rugged terrain

Its symbolism is for strength and courage - and a revival of what our ancestors embodied

From this standpoint, the design idea for the design was inspired

The airport (Yemeni Ibex idea) reflects the country's facade for visitors and arrivals

Project description

Project name: Dhamar International Airport project within a specialized design course, level: fifth. The first term was
Designed by Ebrahim Mohammed Saleh Al-Salmi
and supervised by Dr. Muhammad Faye. Arch. Khadija Al-Ghabri

Technical information

Using the peel roofing system and truss frames in roofing large spaces


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