"SHEKOR" ||An Agricultural Discovery Museum and Research Hub, Postogola, Dhaka

Adrita Sajuti
American International University Bangladesh, Department of Architecture, Dhaka

Project idea

The concept was developed by the farmers' lifestyle of Bengal.
- My design consideration was to Support Farmers' craftsmanship, Museum Circulation, Sustainable Materials, Interactive Pathways, Seasonal Fairs, Landscaping, Culture, Display, Krishi Exhibits, Sculpture, Nature, Low Cost, Study, and Rural Architecture.

Project description

"SHEKOR" |Agricultural Discovery Museum & Research Hub.
Not the kings, but the landlords An exceptional agricultural museum of the life of the farmers of Bengal.....
Leading a BISIC project under the Ministry of Agriculture to establish a 13-acre Agriculture Museum in Dhaka Postgola, Bangladesh. Addressing the absence of a dedicated agricultural museum, the initiative aims to be an educational and cultural resource.
What is an agricultural museum? NEW CONCEPT? Is there even a museum???…… An agricultural museum -diachronic presents the entire narrative associated with the subject of agriculture within its walls, or synchronic limits its displays to a single experience.
-Display memory related to farmers -impacted society via agriculture. -Agricultural advances (technology implementation).-Specializes in display & interpretation of artifacts AND tools related to agriculture of a specific period or in a specific region.
There are some private agricultural museums in Bangladesh. Naogaon Shah Agricultural Museum, Faridpur Boalmari Agricultural Museum. Among these, the Shah Agricultural Museum in Naogaon is another example that will take the young generation to the roots. However, despite being such an important museum, this museum is very neglected. There is no such museum for them to tools preservation and their honor. Bangladesh is an agricultural country...Agriculture is important for Bangladesh because of its economic backbone, food security, employment, rural development, export earnings, raw materials for industry, environmental benefits, innovation and technological progress, climate resilience, social and cultural significance etc. But farmers are not good in agricultural countries. That's why a farmer said, "I didn't get the price for my farming, I didn't get respect". That's why!!! The agricultural architect has no architecture……
Therefore, I dedicate this project to their honor, the purpose of which will be the preservation of the thousand-year-old agricultural tools of Bengal, education, cultural enrichment, research, tourism, and economy. My project involves showcasing Bangladesh's farming history, evolving agricultural techniques, and promoting the concept of placemaking while preserving the heritage tools of the farmers of Bengal.

Technical information

The construction of the project is made of various materials...
TYPE-1 Structure system is-
1. Metal sheets are used as a light roof cover to protect the building from rainwater.
2. Pitch roof with steel beam and truss joist [joist layout[truss] made of Iron.
3. Somewhere uses concrete roof.
4. Rope patterns are placed between the wooden beams to reflect the bengal craftmanship.
5. Rainwater reservoir gutter.
6. Secondary wooden beam.
7. Primary steel column with cover with clay.
8. To bear the load of the roof structure.
9. Wall of clay soil -mixed with phosphorus for color.
10. Foundation -concrete beams and concrete slab.
11. Doors with bamboo wattle and bamboo frames with bamboo louvers.
Doors, windows- wooden and iron frame [Folding window]
-gives a flexible use of space and provides more lighting and appropriate airflow.
TYPE-2 Structure system is-
1. Pitch roof.
2. Rope patterns placed between the wooden beams reflect the bengal craftmanship.
3. Secondary corrid slop roof.
4.Joist layout[truss] iron.
5. Bracing layout.
6. Somewhere uses concrete roof.
7. Iron column MS bar.
8. Clay wall.
9. Concrete slab.

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