Esteban Naranjo, Karol Echeverria
Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam

Project idea

"Wallka" in Kichwa means "Weaving" and it is a proposal for the design of community equipment in the Santa Elena community, Archidona. It arose from the need to create spaces aimed at promoting and improving opportunities in local entrepreneurship, tourism, and recreation. Its main objective is to strengthen the local economy, protect the culture, and traditions of Amazonian communities through the participation of artists from the Kichwa Yaya Jumandy association.

The design is inspired by the idea of ​​having specific spaces for weavers, musicians, shamans, exhibitors, and artisans, interconnected by a marked route that allows tourists to visit each of them. In this way, the project consists of a series of walkways that evoke the traditional Amazonian necklace known as Wallka in Kichwa. This circuit begins at an imposing entrance and culminates in a finishing detail: ILA, the majestic higuerón tree, which will remain intact, preserving its natural essence.

Regarding aesthetics, the project harmoniously adjusts to the environment, considering parameters of height, color, and materiality. The spaces are conceived and designed using a reticulated base mesh of 1.20 x 1.50, in order to facilitate the use of local labor in its construction. The structure mainly consists of wood and steel, while the facades adopt type A blocks and bamboo and PVC lattice roofs, accessible materials, economically viable, and easy to maintain.

In line with the preservation of cultural identity, the facades incorporate panels with bamboo and metal frameworks inspired by Amazonian weavings, also promoting ventilation and connection with the environment. Furthermore, to reinforce integration with the environment and promote sustainable practices, bamboo will be planted in key areas, serving as a vegetal barrier against solar radiation, providing shade and coolness in project spaces.

The comprehensive design seeks to meet all needs, both functional and conceptual, through sustainable architectural strategies. "Wallka" aspires to become an example of harmony between architecture and the Amazonian environment, promoting responsible tourism and a greater appreciation for the cultural richness of Amazonian communities.

Project description

A design concept is the creative idea or premise that guides the development and form of an architectural project, establishing its identity and purpose.

Technical information

The construction systems and materials are designed based on sustainability, aiming to be sourced from the local area and easy to install to promote the labor of community members.


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