Interior Design

World Of Coral Reefs (Aquarium museum)

zilal ibrahim
Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University in Alexandria

Project idea

The idea of ​​the project was inspired by the lines of the coral reefs. Their lines and colors were analyzed to give the feeling of flow to the aquarium and add a sense of depth. Care was taken to use the different colors of the coral reefs and the idea of ​​their complex interconnection and it is intended for all ages.

Project description

The project consists of several spaces: the lobby, which contains the semi-circular staircase, in the middle of which fish fall to suggest the spirit of the place, the reception area, and an exhibition in which visual effects were used. The most important space is the pond area, which contains many coral reefs, between which small fish flow, and a connecting waterway between the exhibition and the basins area. It also contains a restaurant on the first floor, which was designed using materials that give a feeling of transparency and flow.
white color in reception reflects the light and creates a neutral space
the lighting:natural from the facade and artificial from Led and Spots
floors:the concrete floor, porcelain and epoxy used to give an illusion of nature and transparency that the sea world express
color:different pastel colors were used to express of coral reefs that full of life.

Technical information

structure type:steel structure roof and lower concrete structure and a large span truss is used to strengthen the reticulated shell structure and it consist of ground floor and mezzanine which can be moved between them by stairs and elevators.
In aquarium area it been installation a white biophilic skin and it was curved and stretched around a bowed aluminum structure using tension, cantilevering and triangular beams and itself anchored to a primary steel structure and it's made of PVC and coated with polyester.
ceiling:it been used water ripple stainless steel in restaurant and it make whole space transparent and reflecting the depth changes under the light and stretch ceiling in restaurant and lobby to give the sense of calm.

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