Maxim Sarychev
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The main design concept was to create small but spacious spaces, and the main emphasis was placed on the strong effect of the environment in which the object would be located.
The environment was chosen first to create the design of the object and the environment for people, the goal was to record as many neutral objects as possible in the environment, but at the same time keep it realizable and so that it could recover the intended effect from the interior environment.

Project description

As a result of the climate change in Iceland, Mount Fagradalsfjall, which contains a large number of volcanoes, has been rotated in such a way that there is a sharp contrast between the cold climate and the warmth, which creates an interesting and excellent effect.
The main aspect of the impact on people is visual, a person entering a building should cause problems from the environment, a person can touch a wall, grass, a seat, which is taken into account in the object, and at the last penultimate opportunity there is an exhibit that can be touched. But the main effect of the object is in its simplicity and professional transfer of emotions on people’s consciousness; we will never be able to understand to each of us what he thinks or what he sees, we can only give him food for thought.
The design of the facility is designed so that all people, regardless of the problems they have, travel through the facility, the facility is specifically tailored to the needs of all groups of the population, the design does not have stairs, only ramps allow movement without obstruction.

Technical information

The object is made of concrete, glass with metal imposts, a portable portable thermometer in the crater of a volcano, the entire object was designed with environmental friendliness in mind and does not cause damage to the environment, the object can be disassembled and assembled on site, just like it is made of monolithic slabs. The walls are made of a monolith 800 mm thick, to ensure the safety of people, the volcano can be powered by solar panels, as well as generators at high temperatures.

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