Schelle Regenerative Housing Project

Ahmad Akif Aiman Bin Khairuddin
KU Leuven - International Master of Architecture - Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels.

Project idea

How can the design of shared living spaces in community-oriented housing blocks promote social, economic, and environmental resilience,
and foster a sense of belonging among residents?

Fostering a harmonious relationship between the built environment and the natural environment of Schelle through integration with regenerative green pockets.

Project description

This project prioritize the seamless integration of the housing development with the existing natural environment of Schelle. Central to this vision is the careful design and positioning of the buildings in relation to the green pockets, ensuring that these natural elements are respected and allowed to flourish along their original path. This project goes beyond traditional concepts of dividing public and private spaces and redefines the boundaries by introducing green or natural spaces that are integral to these divisions. In total, 70% of the landscape has managed to be saved while still consists of a high-density residence (70-100 units per square hectare).

Technical information

This proposal pushes for a minimal, modular solution providing flexible structures to suit different needs. The construction primarily consists of precast modules for ease of construction and low carbon-emissions, as it is built-up in terms of need, where the apartments are stacked on top of each other. It is surrounded by three wetlands, where it filters the sewerage and the water is reused back for the planter boxes and landscape.

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