New Angeles Township Project

Ahmad Akif Aiman Bin Khairuddin
KU Leuven - International Master of Architecture - Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels.

Project idea

The flexible spaces of apartment units allow residents of NCR Region and the Island of Luzon, with more opportunities, to different combination forms which can result in many different outcomes. The connection with the Metro line and PNR Freight Line is integral, in creating stack-able communities all around Luzon Island.

Project description

The NATP - Housing modules aims to introduce pre-fabricated housing modules made of precast concrete and timber as a means to accomodate the high demand of the Philippines' housing market demand. The factory would utilise the PNR Cargo's proposed freight line as an approach to deliver all the modules in the congested Island of Luzon. This application with Housing Modules is a great approach to formal densification of a site.

Technical information

This proposal pushes for a minimal, modular solution providing flexible structures to suit different needs. Based on a housing market study in the Philippines, an astounding 85% of the Philippines live in a house below 79SQM. Thus, creating modules that allow for a combination or future ownership of multiple modules, is a great reflection of the Filipino housing Market. Configurations vary in floor space and balcony layout, allowing - depending on the size- for an extra bedroom or office. The construction primarily consists of Parametric RC Beams, Curved Wooden Louvers and floor beams, compact layers of insulation and steel rebar reinforcements for interlocking segments.


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