Sara Ejlali
islamic azad university the branch of north tehran
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The oval and circular geometric shape refers to the concept of infinity. The design of the Museum of the Future is symbolic and represents innovation and the cycle of progress to infinity.

Purpose and subject
The Museum of the Future is designed to explore and display innovations, technologies and scientific advances that shape the future.

It aims to become a center for visitors to experience and advance with concepts and solutions
In various fields, including artificial intelligence, robotics is energizing and sustainable energy.

Project description

The initial concept of the plan of this design is derived from the sign of infinity and it was given a volume that will attract the viewer.

Technical information

museum building is made of 3 floors, one of which is dedicated to the administrative department.
The rest of the floors have different spaces.

The structure of this museum is completely based on the truss structure, and due to the implementation of large openings in this building, the best option is to use the truss structure.

This structure, its resistance to dynamic forces and the ease of passing the facilities and its beautiful appearance make it the best option for the implementation of this museum.
The material used in the facade is GFRC, which stands for "Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete".
Dry surface or GFRC is nano-insulated and has very little weight, and also in environmental conditions when exposed to salt or moisture, due to lack of reinforcement, GFRC usually performs optimally.
GFRC is 75% to 90% lighter than plain concrete, thinner and stronger. Reducing the weight helps a lot in easy and quick installation and on the other hand, it reduces the load on the structure.
Light and rigid materials also reduce shipping costs. It also allows flexibility in design and reducing the impact on the environment. On the other hand, due to its better resistance, it increases the capacity to bear seismic loads.

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