Factory & Housing for Tea garden worker

Sree Lipu chandra Das
Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur, Department of Architecture, Dhaka

Project idea

This project idea come to my mind when I visit one of Tea garden of Sylhet, Bangladesh. It was a vacation tour but I realize that the worker of the tea garden living condition are very low and unhealthy. So, from that moment I took my decision for work on change their livelihood condition by giving them well designed environment.

Project description


1. Children's' schooling (up to primary) ends at about 12.00 everyday- they reach home by 1 pm.

2. High school classes end about 2.00 pm, they reach home by 3 pm.

3. Children's play in their community street and yard.

4. Girls spent most of their time in the backyard.

5. There's a football ground for the workers to play. Football.

6.tournaments between the Tea estate also occur from time to time.

7. Workers mainly remain a bit free during winter. Main working season is summer

Technical information


Mud collected from nearby hills.

Thatch and Bamboo are found in the tea garden.

Factory authority give color to every house in their festivals. They made their house by their own self.


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