Steorra villa

Parisa Moradi
University of science and culture
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The idea of this project was having a good and modern shape and concept with the best way to Connecting spaces together and Having the best use of them

Project description

The project consists of the following parts such as dinnig room , living room,kitchen,game room,atrium,meditation room,bed rooms,terrace,library,pool and more
If I want to talk more about my project I should say that our subject was about creating a villa in the in a specific area which should include specific spaces such as a suite in or out of the building and pool and game room and library and other spaces that should be in a villa.

So I tried my best to create something that fits well in the site and into the climate of our country and also fit well in the neighborhood and my project is what I came up with.

steorra villa is a building for 7 people that include grandparents and parents and 1son and 1 daughter and 1 aunt that because of the good space division and having almost complete facilities, it can meet the needs of this family very well.

For example grandpa loves flowers and trees so I designed him a green hous that Everyone can use it, especially him or families girl who loves meditation so I designed her a room for meditation with a really good view and also The best possible lighting or the best library that could design in that space so everyone could use it and also the atrium wich is my favorite part of the building it is for better lighting and Giving more beauty to the building.

There are more explanations about all the spaces of the villa, but I didn't explain them due to the length of the text But if you think it is necessary for me to tell the rest of the explanations, tell me so that I can present them to you completely.

My professor's name is Aila Sinaei and here is her email:

Technical information

The construction of the building is made of White concrete,wood,glass


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