Green Wellness Center

Roxanne Beygi
University of science and culture
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

By combining traditional wisdom with modern innovation, this well-being center promises to be a transformative space that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

Project description

Inspired by the ancient city of Yazd, Iran, this project envisions a well-being center that blends traditional elements with modern design. Multiple courtyards create a peaceful space in the middle of the city. These courtyards let in natural light and fresh air.
Paths wind through the center, connecting the different areas. This encourages people to explore and interact with each other.
The center is not very tall, so it fits in well with the surrounding buildings. People can easily come here to improve their health and enjoy a natural setting in the heart of the city.

Technical information

Concrete walls are covered in plants. This makes the building look less harsh and more natural. Planters with special ventilation systems are built into the walls. This allows people to easily pick and use fresh herbs and plants.


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